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Rounding Out the 360 Review: Why Knowing Your Strengths Matters

A common element of leadership coaching is a 360 review. This is an assessment of a client’s leadership skills and abilities by colleagues all around the client (supervisors, peers, and direct reports), hence “360.” I have conducted, interpreted, and reviewed hundreds of 360 reviews with leaders over the past decade, and a recurrent theme is…

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Who Should I Talk To, My Hairstylist or a Therapist?

Have you ever joked that your hairstylist knows more about your personal life than your family does? Or, perhaps a friend has said her hairstylist fixes more than just her hair. Stylists definitely hear this from their clients: “You’re like my therapist!” What is the difference between talking to a hairstylist and talking to a…

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Why Telling Your Inner Critic to F*** Off Isn’t Always Enough

Inner Critic (n): internal voice that judges you   Examples: “You’re selfish.” “You’re a terrible friend.” “You’re a fraud.” You are probably quite familiar with your inner critic, but if you’re not, the best way to identify its presence is to notice when you feel bad about yourself. If you feel bad, you can be…

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New Year’s Resolutions for Psychologically Savvy Leaders

You know that usual list of leadership competencies? Communicate your vision, think strategically, build high-functioning teams, manage change, etc.? Well, you won’t find that list here. Leadership is more than the sum of those deconstructed behaviors. Leadership is a deeply human and meaningful endeavor. One in which a person has the simultaneously grand and humbling…

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