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Loving and expressing who we are: a heartsong from Aaron

I first met Aaron this year when my oldest kid started Kindergarten. Aaron was in his after school program. When I got to meet Aaron for the first time he was wearing a dress, and his messy blonde hair and a warm feeling of love was swirling around this special soul.  I felt it and have felt drawn to his heart ever since. I had a chance to talk with his musician father at an event later, absorbing who this guy with this amazing kid was. It is true, Aaron has some pretty amazing parents so the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Fast forward to the school talent show rehearsals a few weeks ago.  As I was sitting there in the elementary school multi-purpose room with a bunch of wiggly kids one afternoon, a familiar face popped up on the stage and sat on a stool and sang this beautiful little song by Laurie Berkner  called “The Story of My Feelings”.  Silence fell over the room.  I felt as if a little bird landed on my chest and sang the lyrics right into my heart. Tears began streaming down my face and I thought “this is my wish for myself and all the clients that I work with: that we would relate to our feelings with such grace and simplicity.”  Aaron throws nothing of himself out and embraces all of who he is—a rare gift. Feelings are very simple little moments to express our aliveness when we relate to them without judgement or rejection. This is being alive!

So I stalked Aaron’s mother in the parking lot of the school and she gave her blessing for me to share Aaron’s song with you. I hope you will let that little bird sing into your heart as well and listen and receive the goodness that is being offered up by Aaron.  I should add that Aaron has a big brother, Kai, who is pretty amazing in his own right.

Enjoy Aaron’s song!

Traci Ruble

Traci Ruble

Traci is a therapist and the CEO of PSYCHED & Managing Director of Sidewalk Talk. Her therapy work is centered around working with couples and individuals working on their relationships. Her many years in corporate life make her a good match for executives and leaders.

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