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Understanding Depression: Void vs. Emptiness

Depression is a pretty odd thing, different from other “illnesses,” in that it ranges between very grungy and visceral experiences like fatigue, through problems with sleep and eating, and then into the lofty realms of the meaning of life.  Well, I suppose to its credit, at least it’s not boring. Understanding depression calls us to…

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PTSD: A Primer [Part 1]

By now, the letters “PTSD” have attained a well-known place in American culture. Most people know of PTSD from the media or from colleagues or therapists. PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, it’s the working name for a wide set of symptoms, responses, behaviors and conditions that people exhibit, arising from the experience trauma.…

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Anxiety & Joy

“Joy comes upon us when we are vulnerable and actually open to life. When we are caught off guard and blown-open, or when we suddenly perceive the whole meaning of everything for a bright minute of pleasure and meaning. I think adding in a practice of being open to joy, of seeking a felt sense…

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Meeting Anxiety – A Gentle Reminder from Trees

If it could speak, anxiety’s mission statement would be something like “What’s here is intolerable and unacceptable. Off with it!” Well, I was reminded of another way this morning while standing amidst a miniature forest of trees in Golden Gate Park, sipping my morning coffee. I didn’t think to stop, I just stopped. Or rather…

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