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F&%k Positive Thinking

Person You: “Man I had a really crappy day.  I just learned that my co-worker, whom I can’t stand, got a promotion and I feel mad, jealous, and worried that maybe I suck. I am just really spinning.” Friend 1: “Oh you shouldn’t think that way about yourself.  You are fantastic.  If you think positively…

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Riding the Waves

…emotional flexibility- the capacity to dance with one’s experience- can be difficult to teach.  What helps one read the surf and wind of emotional undercurrents are first developing a basic trust – trust that we can find resources to meet challenges and trust that others can be helpful, dependable and responsive. And then to find one’s…

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Communication with Touch in Relationship

Therese Bogan, MFT The lift of an eyebrow or wave of a hand can tell us all we need to know about our partner’s mood. When we see our old friend’s slumped shoulders and feel them land on the booth seat of the old diner, where we share lunch, we understand envy, pride, or disappointment…

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Emotional Weight Lifting

Ah those darn feelings. They are so pesky aren’t they? If we didn’t have them, would we ever need a profession called psychotherapy? I am geeking out on neuroscience and evolutionary biology as it relates to emotions the last few weeks. Some would argue, “Can’t we get by without negative emotions?” But emotions that some…

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