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The Mindful Way to Finding Our Joy

Joy is an inherent part of our basic nature. We all have it, but many of us have lost touch with it over the years. We formed identities in response to what was happening around us and forgot the truth of who we were. How can we get back in touch with our joyful selves?…

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Anxiety & Joy

“Joy comes upon us when we are vulnerable and actually open to life. When we are caught off guard and blown-open, or when we suddenly perceive the whole meaning of everything for a bright minute of pleasure and meaning. I think adding in a practice of being open to joy, of seeking a felt sense…

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Holding Joy and finding your bliss!

Holding Joy in your heart can be just as challenging as dealing with anger or fear.  Your life needs one hero ~you! By, Therese Bogan, MFTwww.theresebogan.com Recently, I had the great opportunity to trifle through lots of old pictures from my family.  We were organizing photos and sharing them, and got into this amazing memory…

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