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The “Being” of a “Good” Kisser

There is so much in a kiss: pleasure, intimacy, and connection. The mouth is built to receive and express. The lips, the door way of the mouth, are lined with a high number of nerves, where babies first receive nurturing and also explore their worlds. It is no wonder that kissing is the principal way…

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A Message to the Last Single Lady in San Francisco

Many of us have been witness to the confusing phenomenon, which I will call the Accidental-Man-of-My-Dreams Syndrome, or AMMDS for short. It goes like this: Your best friend (or colleague or younger sister, or other single lady), declares she isn’t all that interested in settling down. She is happy focusing on the job that she…

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Energy theft: toxic forms of shame and guilt

[Democracy is coming] From the homicidal bitchin’/That goes down in every kitchen/To determine who will serve and who will eat.  —Leonard Cohen, “Democracy”   Sarah, 27, who is about to finish graduate school with a PhD in engineering, hates to call her mother…and does so, dutifully, and with dread, every week. Saturday mornings come with…

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Self-Compassion and Love – Agents of Change

When I hear the saying, “Treat others as you would like to be treated” I can’t help but think we should also say, “Treat yourself as you would like others to treat you.” I witness over and over again in the therapy office how unkind we can be to ourselves and how this lack of…

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The Power of the Therapeutic Relationship

Long-term depth-oriented psychotherapy is based on the notion that development is a relational process. Most people who come to therapy have had a less-than-optimal family environment where the development of the Self was thwarted. In long-term therapy, the therapist provides the client with a sort of “stand-in” experience for the parent who wasn’t adequately attuned to their child Self.

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Being Single

If you are single, in one sense you are alone.  And yet you are not alone. Many, many people, right now as you are reading this, are single right along with you. Unfortunately, there is a pretty potent stigma attached to this state of relationship. A lot of shame and yearning can come from not…

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