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Trusting Love on Huffington Post This Week

If this time in history is a Tower of Babel, with twenty contradictory perspectives being dumped into your Facebook feed or cable channels daily, it only stands as a magnification of the human dilemma of what is true, trustworthy, and what is to be believed. We are deluged in perspectives, externally from media, family, culture,…

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The Seven Deadly Sins and Shame: A Foundational Approach

Gangsters, single moms, single dads, actors, recent immigrants, college students, high school dropouts, elementary school kids, families. For me, the best part of working at a sliding scale community agency was the diversity of the clientele. Each hour was different than the one before it, and I reveled in getting to know my clients, establishing…

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Sharing the Shame

Mortified: connecting with others to find relief from shame When I was 15, I wrote some pretty silly things in my diary (because I was 15). When I was 17, I went back through those entries and edited them, leaving critical comments about my intelligence and maturity as a 15 year old. Actually, a big chunk…

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Just get over it vs. I love you and I am with you

I have two young sons and sometimes one of them will throw a knock-down-drag-out-tantrum and I can feel the internal dialogue inherited from my family in my head screaming: “Shut up!  Get over it kid!”  Sometimes I am less than attuned, and while I don’t say “shut up,” my body posture or a flip comment probably…

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Energy theft: toxic forms of shame and guilt

[Democracy is coming] From the homicidal bitchin’/That goes down in every kitchen/To determine who will serve and who will eat.  —Leonard Cohen, “Democracy”   Sarah, 27, who is about to finish graduate school with a PhD in engineering, hates to call her mother…and does so, dutifully, and with dread, every week. Saturday mornings come with…

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