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Why Am I Still Single?

“Ok, my friends say I’m too picky, so I lower my standards. I go out with the guy that’s short, bald and has cats. Because he has a great personality and I’m a personality person. So we have a great time, go out on a few dates and then he disappears. He ghosts me. Even…

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A Message to the Last Single Lady in San Francisco

Many of us have been witness to the confusing phenomenon, which I will call the Accidental-Man-of-My-Dreams Syndrome, or AMMDS for short. It goes like this: Your best friend (or colleague or younger sister, or other single lady), declares she isn’t all that interested in settling down. She is happy focusing on the job that she…

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Single Men Dating in the Modern World

Things are different than they used to be. Have you noticed? For men. For women. For all of us, traditional gender roles and expectations are collapsing, being renegotiated, tweeked, and yet clung to and reinvigorated, often all from the perspective of the same person! To say the least, it can be confusing. This blog article…

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