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What the Hell is Self-Love Anyway?

Chances are you’ve heard about this magical thing called self-love and have been trying to get some. Self-love is supposed to give us all good stuff: the confidence to set boundaries at work, the motivation to find our life’s purpose, the ability to feel fulfilled and happy alone, and the guts to give our Mr.…

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Why Telling Your Inner Critic to F*** Off Isn’t Always Enough

Inner Critic (n): internal voice that judges you   Examples: “You’re selfish.” “You’re a terrible friend.” “You’re a fraud.” You are probably quite familiar with your inner critic, but if you’re not, the best way to identify its presence is to notice when you feel bad about yourself. If you feel bad, you can be…

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Eat and Let Eat

After years of hating my body I finally stopped and began allowing myself to eat what I want while learning intuitively what works and doesn’t work for me. Now I see clients in my private practice who are recovering from their own disordered eating and body image as well as patients in an intensive outpatient eating disorder program.

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Running with it: exercise and the inner critic

I was thinking about going for a quick jog the other night when my inner critic burst in. She wanted to remind me that I shouldn’t even bother if it’s going to be so short and probably slow (“is that even running?”). She said, “You’re always going to be fat and lazy. You’ll never look…

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Taming the Inner Critic

Author: Tom Rhodes, MFT www.selfinquirytherapy.com Have you noticed that the inner critic, your inner critic, has something to say? In fact, it often has A LOT to say. What is this voice? What does it want and where does it come from?! You may have noticed, it tends to spring up at a moment’s notice…

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