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Communication with Touch in Relationship

Therese Bogan, MFT The lift of an eyebrow or wave of a hand can tell us all we need to know about our partner’s mood. When we see our old friend’s slumped shoulders and feel them land on the booth seat of the old diner, where we share lunch, we understand envy, pride, or disappointment…

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Therese Bogan, MFT How can we have our dreams, plans and goals without expectations? We have to set our sites and expect good outcomes, or our failure will be in not trying hard enough. This is a common mindset. So then, why does happiness slip through our fingers? by, Therese Bogan, MFT www.theresebogan.com “Oft expectation…

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Holding Joy and finding your bliss!

Holding Joy in your heart can be just as challenging as dealing with anger or fear.  Your life needs one hero ~you! By, Therese Bogan, MFTwww.theresebogan.com Recently, I had the great opportunity to trifle through lots of old pictures from my family.  We were organizing photos and sharing them, and got into this amazing memory…

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Self-Reflection: How to connect myself to action

When the search for approval drains your career, your wallet and your heart . . .  you might begin to ask yourself, “How did I get so lost? When did I dump myself like a bad date? Where did I let go of the reins of my life?” by, Therese Bogan, MFT #45643www.theresebogan.com When the…

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