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Trusting Love on Huffington Post This Week

Trust LoveIf this time in history is a Tower of Babel, with twenty contradictory perspectives being dumped into your Facebook feed or cable channels daily, it only stands as a magnification of the human dilemma of what is true, trustworthy, and what is to be believed.

We are deluged in perspectives, externally from media, family, culture, teachers, friends, and internally from emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. “You should be chaste.” “You should be a libertine.” “I should be assertive.” “You should be demure.” “Life is dog eat dog.” “Life is supposed to be cooperation,” with ultimately the basic split being between, “Life is good,” and, “Life is bad.” What perspective we choose to believe in, to trust, determines much of what are life looks like, and what we do in it.

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Marty Cooper

Marty Cooper

Marty Cooper specializes in working with depression and anxiety. He helps clients gain insight but also practice skills for overcoming depression and anxiety.

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