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Dr. Diana Urman, Hayes Valley

Diana Urman, LCSW, PhD

Diana views sexuality from the perspective of pleasure and quality of life, not from a dysfunction-based model. Her professional and personal goal is to assist her clients in the process of self-healing and growth, helping them realize their full potential through expressing their sexuality. Her areas of expertise include but not limited to 

increasing confidence, exploring sexual  fantasies, discovering  a new level of intimacy with partner, treating issues with erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma, loss of desire, relationships in couples, women, and men, exploring alternative lifestyles, orgasmic difficulties related to pelvic floor dysfunctions, opening up relationships.

Diana’s Training:

  • 2017: EFT Lab , May
    2017 - 2016: EFT Core Skills Training
    2017: “Hold Me Tight” Workshop Assistant, April, Tiburon, CA
    2017: EFT Attunement Training for Therapists, April, San Francisco, CA
    2016: EFT Externship
    2016: Somatica Professional Couples Training
    2015: David Schnarch “Crucible Mind Mapping” Therapy Workshop
    2015: David Schnarch "Treating Extra-Relationship Affairs" Clinical Workshop
    2014: David Schnarch 5-day Clinical Practicum
    2014: Baden-Pearson "The Couples Institute”, a year long study group
    2013: David Schnarch "Crucible Intimacy and Desire" Clinical Workshop
    2013: Tammy Nelson "Creating Connected Couples"
    2013: San Francisco Sex Information Training
    2012: Gordon Neufeld "Solving Attachment Puzzle" 5-day conference

Diana’s License:

Licensed Clinical Social Worker in California and Certified Sexologist