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We are proud of our work and glad clients have felt compelled to write about their experiences with Psyched in San Francisco therapists. We encourage clients to consider themselves first, however, before reviewing so that the therapy stays about them and not us. The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists states that soliciting psychotherapy clients, before, during or after therapy unethical because of the potential impact on the therapeutic relationship.  We were so curious about this question we crafted research and published the results.  The San Francisco Chronicle even came out to interview us on our thoughts.  Here is the article, Are Online Reviews Dumbing Down Psychotherapy?

Most of our clients come from other therapists, former clients and doctors offices who value our skill, not from review sites. But we publish our reviews that are publicly already out there on other sites,  to give you an outside perspective on what others have said about some of our staff and to motivate you to get help - us or someone else. We think these sharings could motivate many to take a first step.  Raising your hand and getting help for mental health and relationship challenges is a badge of honor.


"Jenny Kepler is an amazingly gifted, compassionate, and skilled therapist. Her warm, grounded, and authentic presence make it easy to open up and talk about the more difficult stuff. I love how she is able to be compassionate while also being engaged and direct, leaving you feel seen and heard. As a parent, she really gets how parenting can be both deeply rewarding and incredibly challenging at times, allowing you to feel accompanied on the journey. I highly recommend her." - Google

"I started seeing Tom just about a year ago after I went through some pretty tough times. I was hesitant because my previous therapist didn’t seem to give me any feedback. I found Tom to be professional and caring. My biggest praise for him is his knowledge of related readings and alternative therapies for me. I feel totally comfortable around him and have never felt judged." - Yelp

"Tom helped me accept the death of my mother and he helped me get out of a very toxic relationship. I was very pleased with his skill and the care that he brought to our sessions. I recommend his services to anyone that wants a GREAT therapist!" - Yelp

"This review is long overdue. Me and my wife had been going through a very rocky patch for a while and it seemed as though our marriage was on the outs. When we discovered that she was pregnant in August of 2013 we decided that we had to get our situation figured out and that we should begin couples therapy. I can honestly that Maya helped save our marriage. When we started seeing her we were ready to divorce. Now when we go in things have gotten so good between us that we find little to complain about because things have gotten so good now. She brought us from a stage of near destruction in our relationship to a stage of rekindled love and a life of happiness together. I have nothing but good things to say about Maya." -Yelp

"My husband and I needed to reconnect and learn how to thoughtfully communicate our needs to each other again. No one teaches you how to be married but finding the right support can certainly put you back" on track by being stronger and wiser. Maya most certainly helped us have the hard conversations but feel comfortable being open and honest with each other. Our marriage is now on a new level and we could not have achieved this without Maya’s care and guidance." – Yelp

"I have worked with Maya Lane for 2 years now and find her to be an excellent therapist. It's rare to find someone with the strong somatic therapeutic skills as well as the clear life experience she has. Grounded, deep listener, wise, and very skilled. I'll often leave a session with her feeling like something shifted on a deep level without being sure how she did it. I highly recommend her." - Yelp

"Insightful and just what we were looking for! My husband and I are newly weds. We wanted to start our first year of marriage learning specific communication tools to grow our marriage into a long lasting union. Maya helped us do just that. She listened to our needs as a couple and really taught us the tools to help us identify our feelings and then communicate them effectively for our personal needs. Maya is intuitive and kind. We felt as ease with her and really appreciated all the work she did with us. We hope to have check ins with her in the future to nurture our relationship in the future. Thank you, Maya!" - Yelp

"I worked with Traci for a little over a year and it's no understatement to say that my time with her has completely transformed my life. She helps you ask yourself deep questions that get to your real priorities in life and works to help you understand how to get through any barriers holding you back from your own vision of where you want to be. She maintains a great balance of offering practical advise with tangible actions you can work on, while still digging deeper into any emotional or psychological issues that are holding you back." - Yelp

"Traci is such a warm, relatable person and set me right at ease even though this was my first contact with therapy. Traci worked with me on a specific issue in my life and helped me move through it while addressing all the steps that had led me to that place so hopefully I wouldn't repeat history. I definitely feel that I am an improved, more self-aware person after working with Traci." - Yelp

"My session with Jodie wildly exceeded my expectations for a first session. Her grounded nature is palpable, and provides a rock-solid foundation for work that can quickly become vulnerable. Jodie seems to be a master of helping people through transitions. At least for me--I discussed with her a hard situation that had been swimming around for years but for which I never really found the words to describe my experience. Until now. In a seemingly ineffable way, Jodie helped me find the words for this dilemma that's been weighing on me practically my whole life, and teased out these different parts in conflict within. Somehow she helped me draw some perspective on these parts, which has already begun to help me get unstuck and move forward. It might sound cheesy, but I'm starting to feel "whole" in a way I haven't experienced before. I highly recommend Jodie to anyone seeking solid support in transition, which seems to be any given point in life." - M.A.

"I’m really happy being a part of the Jodie's Divorce Group and I’m seeing that we all have so many common challenges, feelings, and experiences with our transitions. I’ve never really been in a group like this before but I feel pretty comfortable sharing with these women and I’ve gained a lot of comfort hearing their stories. The overall experience so far has been really valuable and I look forward to getting to know all the women better." - M.C.

"Ed and I are doing really well. We are still benefiting from all of Dr. Solley's wisdom. We have begun to plan a wedding and are very excited about it. I know the importance of working on our relationship is MORE than focusing so much energy into one day. So the wedding will be small and simple! We will keep Dr. Solley posted on how it is coming along! We really cannot thank him enough for all of his help thus far. He has really helped us tremendously." Thank you Dr. Solley!!! - K&E

"We came to Dr. Solley because we wanted to be the couple that we always knew we could be, but between constant fighting and some bad habits, we were just not able to get there. Dr. Solley gave us several tools that not only improved our specific problems, but really supported our everyday communication. And he did so without asking us to overhaul our personalities. His sessions were comfortable, yet professional; his style was easy and his suggestions thoughtful. In the end, we feel that our relationship is stronger than ever before--and that the improvements we've seen are sustainable. Visiting Dr. Solley is one of the best choices we've made as a couple. Our only regret is that we didn't do it sooner." - R&C

"Despite some skepticism, my then fiancé and I decided to see Dr. Solley for some premarital counseling due to some frequent arguments in our relationship. From the outset, it was a comfortable forum in which we could bring up issues that had caused conflicts the preceding weeks. Dr. Solley’s coaching during the sessions showed us how to approach and discuss issues in a manner which minimized any risk of uncontrolled escalation and in a manner which also aided reaching an amicable resolution. I’m sure we’ll have ample opportunities to use the tools Dr. Solley gave us now that we’re hitched. Thanks Dr. Solley!" - Mr & Ms

"Dr. Solley helped us through some very difficult times in our relationship, and taught us useful and practical skills to use when challenges came up. He took the time to understand us individually and as a couple, and gave us the space we needed to grow. " - Dr & Ms

"We went to Dr. Solley for multiple months of marriage counseling and can highly recommend his services. He is great at facilitating helpful dialogue and we found the sessions to be both enjoyable and productive. He provides great tools and feedback and it's easy to be comfortable with him. In addition, he is extremely organized and responsive to changing needs. We were completely impressed with our sessions and have recommended him to many friends since." - Mr. & Ms. 

"Dr. Solley is great! He was a huge help for my fiance and I in helping to avoid falling into our occasional negative cycles and instead developing more positive ways of resolving issues. I can't recommend him or his process more highly!" - C&P 

"Dr. Solley is a talented and helpful counselor. He treated me with respect. I felt he was genuinely concerned about what I was going through and guided me with professionalism and insight. I highly recommend him." - Google

"Dr. Solley helped us figure each other out in a way that we could never have done. Through his compassionate, easy to relate to, positive methods, we were able to better understand each other's thoughts and tendencies, communicate with and show appreciation to each other, and start the process of individual therapy to explore our own issues that came up during the counseling sessions. His coaching, methods and, most importantly, attitude, were extremely helpful for our relationship and individual betterment. Thanks Dr. Solley! - "Google.