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We are PSYCHED you are ready for a change.
Before getting started, money.  Our fees range from $200 to $300 per hour. We are out of network providers which means you pay at the time you receive treatment or online through our client portal and submit your superbill to your insurance.  If that all works, let's go.
If this is your VERY FIRST TIME meeting with a Psyched therapist, schedule a FREE phone consultation with one or many of us. 
Commonly Asked Questions:
Do you take insurance?
We are not on insurance panels.  We provide all clients with a superbill to submit to insurance.  If you would like to ask your insurance about your coverage, here are some questions to ask them to help you. Most of our clients are able to get 50 to 60% of our fees covered as an out of network provider for individual therapy.  Use the questions above to double check. 
Do you offer sliding scale therapy or reduced rates?
Our staff do not offer sliding scale at Psyched. Instead, we offer pro bono slots for a handful of people who would not ever be able to attend therapy. 
How often do I come?
Usually, therapy is weekly.  It is like personal training for your psyche and the therapeutic relationship are the weights so you have to lift regularly.  And this is something to discuss with your therapist.
Do you work with people brand new to therapy?
We work with people who have never been to therapy all the time and like to think it is what we are known for.  We make therapy accessible.
How long is a therapy session?
Sessions are 50 minutes in length.  Some of our therapists offer extended sessions. Traci likes to do half day weekend sessions with couples and families.
Is what I share confidential?
Everything you share is 100% confidential unless you are a danger to self or other. 


Real Testimonials: How Did PSYCHED Help You?

We Asked real PSYCHED clients anonymously how PSYCHED helped them and here is what they said:
"I started therapy when I was going through one of the most difficult transitions of my life. I felt awful all of the time and all of my mental bogeymen were very active. My therapist helped me make it through my immediate difficulty, and has transformed the way that I see my life, my problems, and my choices."
"Changed my life."
"I think everyone should work with a therapist at some point in their life, and working with psyched was a life changing experience for me."
"My therapist is effective and compassionate. I like the online publication and listening project. Plus, online booking options are very helpful."
"My therapist has changed my life, that I am in the best mental and emotional shape I've ever been in, and that I am filled with gratitude for Psyched. I feel like my life and my problems are manageable, and I'm way more functional, content, wise, purposeful, and joyful."
"You will most likely find a therapist that is a good fit because if one is not a fit they will discuss and send you to another to try."
"Our therapist is an experienced therapist who addresses very difficult issues in a respectful and nurturing manner. This is our third try with a therapist and she has been, by far, the best."
"Our therapist is helping my husband and me reframe how we relate to each other, in a safe environment where we both feel heard."