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“The purpose of therapy is not to intimidate; it is to emancipate. To explore the way we limit our lives. The goal is autonomy, not dependence. It is not a therapist’s job to “cure” anyone. The therapist is a catalyst for change. The real work is up to the person who comes to do the changing.” -NJ Center For Healing Arts

Psyched in San Francisco is a local psychotherapy clinic. But we see our work differently than other psychotherapy clinics—we hold clients with a radically different mindset. We believe that when any of us grow our growth benefits our whole community.

Demystifying Psychotherapy, Couples Counseling and Coaching

Therapy, counseling and coaching are all practices which include relating with a supportive person who is trained in the art of listening deeply, with the goal of relating to you in a uniquely open and curious way so you can;

What Is Your Motivation To Start Therapy, Counseling or Coaching?

Many people aren’t motivated to do inner emotional work until they are in pain – anxiety, depression, loneliness or relationship angst – but others come in because exploring the meaning of their life is an important aspect of being alive and being happy. Whatever your reasons for coming, investing in therapy is a badge of honor. At Psyched, we are on a mission to have therapy goers everywhere experience personal pride for investing their time and efforts in growing.

The Community Benefits When You Grow

Why? When you set the goal to do the looking inside of yourself, honor your authenticity, learn new coping skills for making it through pain and reactivity your growth is an act of self but also an act of community. Every person who has the ability to cultivate more self-understanding takes that understanding out to the larger community. What would our world be like if everyone were more understanding with themselves and others?

This is how we honor your therapy work with us. We do not look at people as sick or not sick – we see courage, growth and activism. We see you as someone courageously interested in growing and moving from suffering to happiness. And we are so glad to be on this journey of growth with you.

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