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Strength and Vulnerability: Psychotherapy for First Time Users

Strength and Vulerability

Traci Ruble gives a great talk about the hidden strengths inside vulnerability.

“Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak. Misconceptions about vulnerability can make people who have never been to psychotherapy feel nervous about trying to get help.  This talk is about what it is like to start therapy and what actually happens in the room with a therapist.  A new client’s fears of being too vulnerable are alleviated by a discussion of the ways that being vulnerable is actually an asset when it is in a supported and safe place. In fact it is key to the way we overcome obstacles and grow.  The end result of choosing to be vulnerable in a safe place is greater authenticity, connection, job performance and overall happiness.”

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Traci Ruble

Traci Ruble

Traci is a therapist and the CEO of PSYCHED & Managing Director of Sidewalk Talk. Her therapy work is centered around working with couples and individuals working on their relationships. Her many years in corporate life make her a good match for executives and leaders.

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