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Let Sex Bring You Closer

Would it surprise you to know that as a Sex Therapist I see fewer clients who are selfish lovers and many more that are too selfless? And by that I mean that they are paying attention to a heck of a lot of things, but not so much to themselves. For most of us, when…

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Romance Hangover

Romance Hangover – When the things you thought would get you in the mood actually left you feeling sluggish, irritable, and generally disappointed. Oh, and mildly ashamed. Welcome to the day after Valentine’s Day! Seriously, why is it so hard to create satisfying romantic moments on demand? Consider how we developed our early ideas of…

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Easier to Give Than to Receive

Experiment here with me for a moment… I want you to imagine someone you love sitting in front of you. Now imagine sending love towards them. How do you send those love vibes out? Do they come through your eyes, from your heart space, from your gut? Does it feel easy to do this? Familiar?…

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The Trauma of the Bisexual Experience

We bisexuals are used to receiving messages—explicit and implicit—from the world surrounding us. Some classics? There’s no such thing as bisexuality. You’re just confused and trying to sort things out. You’ll have sex with anyone to get what you want. You have the privilege of getting to “pass.” All of these messages can install damaging…

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A Sex Therapist Talks to Baby Boomers about Sex

When I was a teenager (not exactly the good old days) I had disdain for most popular culture of the 80s and instead I longed for the mythical 60s, a time when baby boomers were free and liberal and apparently dancing naked in the mud. This was in contrast to my young adult events, such…

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Sexual Satisfaction: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?

A few years ago, I had a dirty little secret. I was disconnected with my sexuality.   Sure, I had gotten boudoir photos for my husband for his birthday. And we went to Burning Man where I wore sexy costumes. I didn’t talk to friends about how I was actually feeling underneath the image I…

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