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Let Sex Bring You Closer

Would it surprise you to know that as a Sex Therapist I see fewer clients who are selfish lovers and many more that are too selfless? And by that I mean that they are paying attention to a heck of a lot of things, but not so much to themselves. For most of us, when…

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Couples Therapy: A Tale of Two Stories

Couples often come into therapy with quite different views of what the problems are. And this is part of the problem. Maybe even the whole problem. At the simplest level this can be a function of each person seeing the other as the cause of their relationship distress. “She has no empathy for me.” “He’s…

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When Love Isn’t Enough – The Open Secret of Conflict in Couples

Of course, true love is always enough when it comes to our relationship with ourselves, but what of it in the case of intimate relationship with a partner, husband or wife? In this realm of relationship with another, our underlying, undying love for each other may just not be enough in itself to sustain the relationship…

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