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You are motivated to make some change with the help of a professional but logistics are in your way. Maybe the idea of commuting to and from one more appointment or finding childcare, or parking or having to tell someone at work “hey I need to head out for an appointment every week at this same time” is hard to make room for or explain. Psyched in San Francisco is supporting busy professionals and busy families who are on the go with online and teletherapy. We use online video conferencing software designed for doctors so you are assured convenience, privacy and most of all, Hipaa compliance.

If you have read any other parts of Psyched’s website, you know we are big on outcomes research for effective therapy and the research on teletherapy may surprise you.

Research shows teletherapy can be more effective than face-to-face therapy in some circumstances.

The Reasons Teletherapy Is Effective:

  1. First, people miss fewer appointments because of the convenience factor so they reap the rewards of regular attendance.
  2. For some people, they need to build up to being vulnerable in close physical space with another person. In a way, teletherapy is a great therapeutic intervention for growing the ability to relate more openly and honestly. Start with teletherapy and work up to face-to-face interaction.

The Benefits of Teletherapy with a Psyched in San Francisco Therapist:

  • Flexible: Scheduling Options. It’s easier to find a time to meet and change/reschedule an appointment.
  • Build Up To In Person Therapy: Sometimes a safe distances is what we need to start out. Teletherapy can be great for people who have been nervous about coming to therapy to feel comfortable opening up.
  • Technology Options: Choose phone or webcam.
  • Convenient: Schedule Online and conduct a session from wherever you are! Great for working families, professionals, and stay at home parents.
  • No Commute: Save money, time and the earth. Without having to get in a car save time and help out the planet.
  • Anonymity: Your therapist knows who you are but Psyched uses secure Hipaa compliant video chat designed for therapists so you really are able to have a private online meeting.
  • Training: There are some added skills that a teletherapy therapist should get to be the most effective over the phone or video. Our staff has invested in teletherapy training.