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Coaching and Couples Counseling for Parents

couple-co-parenting-webPeople love to warn expectant parents that “life as you know it is over! Watch out!” The therapists at Psyched in San Francisco know that this transition is huge, but it can be managed with grace and humor—so that it is meaningful, fun, and transformative in a positive way.

Many of us are parents. We offer a strength-based approach in our therapy and coaching for families that will help you find more pleasure and more perspective in your parenting.

Today’s nuclear family is often a pretty isolated unit—the extended family that once passed the baby around and offered material and practical support day and night is just not there in the same way. This can be both good and bad--but it definitely means that parents have a lot more pressure these days. Research shows that couples feel the pinch of parenting and raising children is one of the greatest potential problem spots for couples because of the lack of time and shifting roles. Over half the couples we work with are parents. Most of us are parents. We get it.

Parent-couples are experiencing massive shifts in life and identity like:

  • going from a pair to a group

  • from lovers to co-parents

  • shift from work outside the home to work inside the home

  • Changing internally from the child to parent, and/or from a free adult to someone with intense responsibilities

  • body and energy changes

  • change in sleep and sleep deprivation

  • and even later changes, when children need more independence or need to rebel

We believe that parents need a safe and inspiring place to make sense of family life right now when we all seem to have less time, less support and few templates for egalitarian, sexy and psychologically astute co-parenting. We teach parents resilience, creativity, and self-care: your children (and your grandchildren) will thank you one day for the work that you do on yourself as a parent.

Parent Coaching

Effective, research-backed tools for parents when they need it the most. Eight over-the-phone sessions with trained experts that are affordable and focused. We also offer in-home visits.

Meet Parenting Coach Jenny Kepler

Jenny KeplerJenny just “gets” parents and kids. She knows how to navigate systems and stages that are scary to parents—you can lean on her. Jenny has extensive research based training and experience working with children and mothers but this is not all that draws women to her. It is her deeply constructive, non-judgmental and discerning eye that makes her such a powerful resource to families. Jenny specializes in helping parents address a wide range of behavioral problems and emotional stressors that families encounter during the early years of development, and she knows development (both of kids and parents) inside out. She has been working with pregnant mothers, children and parent couples for the past 11 years as a therapist, doula and early childhood educator. She is also a wife and mother so gets it and is in the trenches with you.

Jenny is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist Intern working with brand new mothers, anger issues, sibling conflict and sleep issues. Jenny also does extended work with families including in-home visits.


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