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Power Play: Kindness in (Literally) Dark Times

These are dark days. The Winter Solstice is still a week away, so the days are literally growing darker. In the Bay Area, much needed rains, the horrific deaths of 36 beautiful souls in the Ghost Ship fire, the impending doom of the imminent president elect, and the ongoing battle for sacred lands at Standing…

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What the Hell is Self-Love Anyway?

Chances are you’ve heard about this magical thing called self-love and have been trying to get some. Self-love is supposed to give us all good stuff: the confidence to set boundaries at work, the motivation to find our life’s purpose, the ability to feel fulfilled and happy alone, and the guts to give our Mr.…

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Self-compassion just might save your life

I had an experience recently which re-affirmed for me that self-compassion is probably the most powerful tool I have. Some might wonder how that could be true. While more people are becoming aware of the importance of self-compassion in mental health and well-being, it still runs counter to the values of the prevailing mainstream culture…

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Statements of Self: searching for “true self”

It’s a funny thing that you know you’re doing good work in therapy when your language gets really simple, almost childish. Which is ironic, because studying to be a therapist means you have to learn a lot of pretentious jargon. Therapists go to conferences and, depending on what style of therapy we practice, we talk about…

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Finding Our Way Back Home: Simple Tools for Inner Peace

Our lives lead us through many different stages.  Some stages of our lives can feel easy and effortless. Others can feel tinged with conflict, difficulty, or unexpected change.  While we can often find states of grace in the expansive, heady times, it can be difficult to find our own goodness when life takes a turn.…

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Will Work For Love: Workaholism

“There is a shadow side to over-working and workaholism that often goes unnoticed as the ‘worker bee’ gets more and more efficient at their busyness…the painful trade offs of missing out on true joy, well being and connection go totally unrecognized.” – Traci Ruble Ever drop everything to pick up a kid from school for…

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