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Michelle Weston, Integral Coach, ACC

Michelle’s clients are drawn to her centered and grounded presence. She creates a supportive coaching environment through mutual respect, mutual trust, and mutual freedom of expression. From this foundation, she coaches with warmth, insight, and candor.

The richness of everyday experience includes career, family, relationship, community, spirituality, self, and more. Michelle partners with her clients to identify the challenges blocking that richness, wherever they occur. She uses a “whole person” approach with her clients, knowing that a fulfilling life is an integrated, balanced life.  She develops coaching programs designed to reach specific outcomes and create lasting change.

Michelle coaches clients that are seeking professional development, as well as, those seeking personal development. When people enhance their personal capacity for compassion, authenticity, and leadership embodiment—whether in the professional or personal domain—amazing things happen.

Michelle has extensive corporate experience, mostly in the technology sector. She received her training and certification as an Integral Coach through New Ventures West, where she currently serves as the certification manager and adjunct faculty in the Professional Coaching Certification Program. She is also certified through the International Coach Federation. She holds a Master’s in Education with an emphasis in Training Design and Development from San Francisco State University.

Michelle's Online Reviews:

“Michelle is one of the most highly-skilled management coaches I have ever worked with.” – LinkedIn

“From our first conversation, I immediately had an overwhelming sense of trust with her. I was very comfortable being able to open up to her and never felt judged. Michelle has a knack for this kind of work. You know by her sense of calmness, understanding, empathy and her ability to listen effectively.” – LinkedIn

“She has incredible skills in active listening and easily gets to the heart of the matter. She allowed me to see myself in ways I have not considered before and her support then and even now means very much to me.” – LinkedIn

“Through honest communication and assessment, she taught me the tools to breathe and return to center, ignore my inner critic, and be true to my needs.” – LinkedIn

“She did an amazing job of grasping my situation in ways that demonstrated fantastic intuition, understanding, and experience. Michelle helped me identify a series of long-term goals that would help me realize a greater sense of fulfillment.” – LinkedIn

Michelle’s Training:

  • 2017-2018: Aikido, Heart of San Francisco Aikido, Penny Sablove 5th dan, Kenneth Baker 3rd dan
  • 2017 Jun: The Enneagram Global Summit, The Shift Network
  • 2017 Feb: Leadership Embodiment Level I, Sahar Azarabadi, RJ Jennings, Wendy Palmer
  • 2017 Feb: Suffering, Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Byron Katie
  • 2017 Feb: Mindfulness, Wisdom 2.0 Conference, Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • 2017 Jan: Serenity, Release, and the Ever-Present Ground, New Ventures West, James Flaherty
  • 2016 Oct: Thwarting the Inner Critic, New Ventures West, Sarita Chawla
  • 2015 Dec-2016 Dec: Professional Coaching Course, New Ventures West, Steve March
  • 2014 Oct-Dec: Better Leader, Richer Life, Wharton School of Business, Stewart Friedman
  • 2013 Apr: Coaching to Excellence, New Ventures West, Christy Svanemyr

Andrew’s License:

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist:  California MFT 54020