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Parent Coaching

Offering a strength-based approach to therapy and coaching for families
that will help you find more pleasure and more perspective in your parenting.

“Foundations of Parenthood” Parent Coaching Packages

Effective, research-backed tools for mothers and fathers when they need it the most. Eight over-the-phone sessions with trained experts that are affordable and focused. Single session parent coaching is also available on any parenting topics. Available to all California based families.

Psyched Linda Mother

Early Days of Motherhood

Birth and Postpartum
Support for Mothers

Non-judgemental but expert guidance, informed by interpersonal neurobiology (the way your brain changes after becoming a mom) and supporting you as you step into this powerful and challenging new role.


Love, Hate & Constant Debate

Sibling Relationship Coaching
Solution-focused skill-building drawn from evidence-based practices, so you know just what to do before the chaos erupts.


A Mother At Peace

Anger Management for Mothers
Brain-based care for helping mothers learn how anger erupts and how to cope. No shame in sight. This is the place to share it all without editing, and gain effective tools to shift the anger.

Meet Jenny Kepler, Parenting Coach

Jenny KeplerJenny just “gets” parents and kids. She knows how to navigate systems and stages that are scary to parents—you can lean on her. Jenny has extensive research based training and experience working with children and mothers but this is not all that draws women to her. It is her deeply constructive, non-judgmental and discerning eye that makes her such a powerful resource to families. Jenny specializes in helping parents address a wide range of behavioral problems and emotional stressors that families encounter during the early years of development, and she knows development (both of kids and parents) inside out. She has been working with pregnant mothers, children and parent couples for the past 11 years as a therapist, doula and early childhood educator.

Jenny is a registered Marriage and Family Therapist working with brand new mothers, anger issues, sibling conflict and sleep issues. Jenny also does extended work with families including in-home visits.

Some of Jenny's Parenting Writing:

Quoted in the Examiner on Discipline That Supports A Growth Mindset

Encouraging Discipline

Discouraging Encouragement: The Kind of Praise That Doesn't Help


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