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Project Serve

Relationships are the foundation of well being.

Psyched in San Francisco believes that mental health is not only a personal process but a communal one.  We want all of you in our rockin’ bay area community to join us in small acts of kindness.   We are taking the ethic of therapy - of empathy, compassion, well being and acceptance to the streets. Won’t you join us?


Extra Sandwich Project

Time commitment: 10 minutes  per  month

What: Take the streets on your lunch break, on your way to or from work and give a sandwich to someone who needs one.  They could be homeless, a colleague who forgot their wallet, someone waiting in line for a sandwich or just stranger who looks hungry.

When: The second Tuesday of Every Month We would like as many people as possible to take to the streets and give someone a sandwich.  We have Psyched in San Francisco sandwich bags.  If you are interested, submit your information and we will send you some or you can print out a label here to put on the bag yourself[/toggle]

Oh Mama! FACES Project

Time Commitment: 30 minutes one time

What: The Faces project is about creating small transformative moments leveraging the power of video and the internet to connect mothers wrecked by the mothering load to small moments of inspiration face to face with another mother.  We need mothers to volunteer to be interviewed for this project.

How:  On the day of the FACES video shoot you will meet with Traci and she will invite you to close your eyes and think of your most stressful moments as a mother.  Either fear, anger or grief riddled moments- you know....those ones where things are falling apart.   You will look into the camera and say TO YOURSELF those supportive words you most were needing to hear in that clincher moment.   This will be published on YouTube and then shared on Psyched in San Francisco.

Where/When: Email Traci Ruble for more info: MamaFaces@psychedinsanfrancisco.com[/toggle]

Oh Mama! PenPals

Time Commitment: 1 hour per month or two letters per month

What: This project is in its infancy.  The vision is to connect housed mothers with homeless mothers.   Through pen pal connection two  mothers connect with eachother and our city is a little less gentrified, a little more whole and a pair of mothers feel a little more supported.

How: We are in the process of reaching out to organizations working with homeless mothers and children and need volunteers to help coordinate this project.  The idea is all letters flow into and out of Psyched in San Francisco.

If you are interested in becoming a pen pal or you want to volunteer in some of the operations for this project please email Penpals@psychedinsanfrancisco.com