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The business world breeds anxiety and depression. We get it.
Ambition eats good marriages for lunch. We've helped fix many of them.

We offer high feedback and low BS therapy and coaching for leaders and entrepreneurs.

What our clients say about us!

Collected in an anonymous customer survey.

My therapist taught me an enormous amount about myself, and about relationships. I feel much more myself in my life.
My therapist is effective and compassionate. I like the online publication and listening project. Plus, online booking options are very helpful.
My therapist is experienced and addresses very difficult issues in a respectful and nurturing manner. This is our third try with a therapist and has been, by far, the best.
I am in the best mental and emotional shape I've ever been in and I am filled with gratitude for PSYCHED. I feel like my life and my problems are manageable, and I'm way more functional, content, wise, purposeful, and joyful.
PSYCHED helped me center my stress and be a better person.
I think everyone should work with a therapist at some point in their life, and working with psyched was a life changing experience for me.

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