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Attachment Theory in the Age of Trump

Recently, the New York Times ran an article entitled, “Yes, It’s Your Parents’ Fault.” The piece presents the main principles of attachment theory. What’s interesting about it is that the writer, Kate Murphy, is summarizing attachment theory for the Times’ readership, and that’s it. The article is a good introduction to the basic facts about…

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How do we stop self sabotaging?

“…a self sabotaging story line is being formed and if the child is experiencing emotional pain they will hard wire an adaptive solution, usually not the wisest option from an adult’s perspective, to keep the psychological pain at bay – buried deep down in a cavernous mine of twists and turns, the cart racing on its…

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Zen Brain

“Zen Brain comes from a perspective of intersecting worlds of neuroscience and spiritual practice.  What I heard were repeated metaphors of that hyper-connectivity of brain, mind, science as lived experience.  By extension, the lessons of neuroscience are unfolding in our time, helping to redefine our minds, our world.” -Peter Goetz In February I participated in…

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