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How to Listen to Yourself During Stressful Times

Listening to ourselves can be harder than it sounds. When we’re having a rough time, we want support from someone who will hear us out, validate our feelings, and offer empathy, perspective, or assistance. We want someone who’s available for us. Yet finding that availability within ourselves, for ourselves, can be elusive. Often, what we…

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The Bubble Burst Already Happening in the Silicon Valley

Living in the Silicon Valley and being surrounded by the never-ending list of startups, stories of raising rents, successful IPOs, companies struggling to meet aggressive expectations, and employees being poached for crazy high salaries and luxurious benefits means that the question of when or if the bubble will burst is often coming up in conversation…

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Deconstructing Mindfulness

Mindfulness is everywhere nowadays.  Like so much else in American life, it’s become a commodity, a product.  Not long ago I was looking over the 2013 course listings for an East Coast conference center and saw 19 courses being offered with the word mindfulness in the title.  And that’s not counting the ones with mindfulness’s…

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