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The Gift of Loss

Loss can feel like a cruel teacher. It not only points to the holes in your life, but also the other holes that never feel like they will be filled. You can feel as if you are losing a part of yourself, your history, and your security. There are so many ways we have losses…

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Self-Care Part 2: Finding a Refuge for Your Inner Child

In my previous article, I talked about nurturing the self as you would a child. This isn’t to say that you would infantilize yourself, but to actually treat yourself with the kindness and respect. In my work with adult survivors of trauma, many people, when introduced to this concept often explain that they were never…

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Trust Fund: A Welcome Privilege or Source of Confusion?

I too want to scream when someone says that money can’t buy you happiness. I want to say, “But let me try!”, but many have tried and money wasn’t the key to happiness. The challenge with growing up with a trust fund, wealth, or some type of large financial support is that it can severely…

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The “Being” of a “Good” Kisser

There is so much in a kiss: pleasure, intimacy, and connection. The mouth is built to receive and express. The lips, the door way of the mouth, are lined with a high number of nerves, where babies first receive nurturing and also explore their worlds. It is no wonder that kissing is the principal way…

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How to find answers in your feelings

As a therapist, I will tell you a big secret – the most important question I ask is “How did that make you feel?” Yeah—a running joke for we’ve all heard—all you have to do is say that phrase on repeat to be a therapist. But in practice it is the hardest question for most…

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