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The Space Between: The Church of “And…”

“Interesting…” In college I had a therapist who used that word way too much, in my opinion. I’d say something, pretty much anything it seemed, and in response I’d hear: Interesting. “What does that mean?! It’s so neutral…Take a position, damn it!” My inscrutable therapist just found my protests…(you guessed it) “Interesting…” Fast forward fifteen…

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Do you remember?

Spring cleaning in the garage came to a premature halt the other day when I happened across a photo album from 1997. India. That’s me there, sitting for some morning journaling in cool mountain air. I can still remember that moment. I ended up traveling and living in India for the next several years, learning…

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Men’s Work

These men meet nearly every morning in Pacifica, CA Being male is something you’re born as; however becoming a strong, emotionally intelligent and open man is not a given. Being this type of man takes practice, a practice that gets worked out in the intimate and everyday relationships that make up our lives. Relationships with…

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