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Addicted to Stuff: Helping Kids Learn to Let Go

For four years in college and four years after, everything I owned fit into a small space. Because I moved yearly, I lived simply. If I was tired of schlepping something between apartments, it was discarded. Like most people, once I stopped moving and settled in one place, I began to accumulate. Balancing my decisions…

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Is Your Kid “Looping” On a Negative Thought?

As a family therapist, I often hear parents complain of a child who cannot move beyond an interaction, incident or situation, even when it has been addressed. In fact, the parent may have already listened, empathized with the emotion, and talked the issue out. An apology happened. Reassurance was provided. However, the child just cannot…

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Convey Hope for Children in Challenging Political Times

As parents and those who work with or care for children, we can agree that children should not be exposed to all adult conversations. Most adults try not to swear in front of kids or discuss parenting topics that could alarm or cause misunderstanding. The developing brain is not cognitively mature. Therefore, kids cannot understand…

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Screens and Self-Control

Modern society struggles with self-control around the use of devices and technology. At home, if you parent, these struggles intensify as adults and kids react with irritability, anger and hostility when interrupted on a device, or told to turn off a device to do homework, get dinner made or get to bed. “It’s like my…

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Empower Kids With Family Meetings

Those who parent are in the midst of the back-to-school buzz: juggling after-school activities, managing screen time, homework, dinner, and reestablishing bedtime routines. This busy pace plagues many families. Parents frequently ask how to help young kids complete homework, sit down for dinner, get along with siblings, be more respectful, get to school on time,…

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