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Are Online Reviews Dumbing Down Psychotherapy?

Authors: Psyched in San Francisco’s Andrew Groeschel, Dietmar Brinkmann, Lily Sloane, Dr. Robert Solley and Traci Ruble Psychotherapy is an interesting business because sometimes successful therapy requires discomfort which can look like bad customer service at certain points in the treatment. For instance, sometimes clients get angry at their therapists as an important part of the…

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Stage Fright and Social Anxiety: Transforming Fear into Freedom

“Several surveys have shown that not only is giving a speech an extremely stress provoking proposition but that people would rather DIE than give one! It’s estimated that 75% of all people suffer from speech anxiety, and more than 19 million Americans meet the criteria for the diagnosis of Social Anxiety Disorder. So, those of…

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Your Gift to the World: Living Your Life Purpose

What really lights you up? Life purpose is a different expression for everyone. It’s unique like a fingerprint.  Doing “your thing” is not a selfish act—It’s the gift of your unique Self to the collective. When you shine your light you make your highest contribution to the world.-Nicole MacDonalad, MA,RH (AHG)   When I imagine…

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Communication with Touch in Relationship

Therese Bogan, MFT The lift of an eyebrow or wave of a hand can tell us all we need to know about our partner’s mood. When we see our old friend’s slumped shoulders and feel them land on the booth seat of the old diner, where we share lunch, we understand envy, pride, or disappointment…

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Holding Joy and finding your bliss!

Holding Joy in your heart can be just as challenging as dealing with anger or fear.  Your life needs one hero ~you! By, Therese Bogan, MFTwww.theresebogan.com Recently, I had the great opportunity to trifle through lots of old pictures from my family.  We were organizing photos and sharing them, and got into this amazing memory…

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