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Growing Stones: The Process of Becoming Brave

We’ve all heard these misogynistic phrases to describe bravery and inner strength: “Man up,” “Grow some balls,” or “He’s got giant cohones.” According to these phrases, you’ve got to leave your fear out of the picture in order to be a strong man, which not only doesn’t add up– it’s also pretty alienating to have…

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Speak! (Even if your voice shakes)

“Wow,” the pastor of my former church said, looking over the coffeeshop counter at me. Jessica had stopped into the Peet’s where I worked on her day off. She was wearing her usual hiking boots in the middle of the city, with her unruly hair that she was letting turn fully gray after years of dying…

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Championing Your Weirdness

“Life is short and celebrating who you are by championing your weirdness is pretty groovy once you get the hang of it!” – Traci Ruble Championing Your Weirdness by Traci Ruble, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist I have always been a little weird. You? As a young girl my family did not understand nor celebrate…

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