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Living and Loving with Borderline Personality Disorder

“One minute everything’s great, and the next minute she’s calling me fifty times in a row and leaving me these long messages about how badly I treat her.” “He makes me feel so awful about myself. He twists around what I say and makes me seem like such a horrible person. I can’t tell right-side-up…

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Growing Stones: The Process of Becoming Brave

We’ve all heard these misogynistic phrases to describe bravery and inner strength: “Man up,” “Grow some balls,” or “He’s got giant cohones.” According to these phrases, you’ve got to leave your fear out of the picture in order to be a strong man, which not only doesn’t add up– it’s also pretty alienating to have…

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The Mourning After, Part I: Grief after Mother’s Day

If you’ve read any of my previous writing, you will know I have a great reverence for the unconscious. It shows up again today, having accidentally chosen May 9, 2016, as my publication date – the day after Mother’s Day. This may seem on the surface to have all the depth of a Hallmark card,…

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David Bowie and Embracing Weirdness in Therapy

David Bowie died last week, at the age of 69, after living with cancer for 18 months. It hit me harder than I had expected. I think part of my grief came from shock and disbelief, since a general consensus among my friends is that none of us believed David Bowie could ever die. He…

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Getting Comfortable with Discomfort, Part II: Relationship Triggers

In my first piece about getting comfortable with discomfort, I talked about painful triggers that White folks can have when confronted with systemic racism and White supremacy. Guess what- there are so many more ways we can be triggered, especially in our romantic relationships! I can hear your excitement now. Um- yay, relationship triggers? Well,…

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