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Ho Ho Hum: Coping with Sadness During the Holiday Season

For many people, the holidays trigger a deep longing for a sense of harmonious family connection, as well as for community and belonging. While some people are lucky enough to have these needs met, for many of us, loss, conflict, isolation, and alienation are more in the foreground of our experience. A lot of the…

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When Life Sucks: Buddhism, NVC, and Mourning

“…NVC’s focus on empowerment and meeting needs can sometimes lead one to believe that if one’s needs are not met, there’s something “wrong.” NVC, as I understand it, is not about getting all of our needs met all the time; it is about acknowledging our needs as often as possible and choosing how we want…

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Would You Be Willing to Read My Blog?: The Power of Requests

“…if I don’t share the need, the conversation doesn’t get to the heart of the matter as deeply, and if I want to have an interaction where I feel empowered and connected to the other person, I’ve got to make requests. Requests are a way to step into dialogue. They keep the conversation moving, as…

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Beyond Feelings: Getting Started With Nonviolent Communication

If you are interested in living a more meaningful, authentic, and connected life the teachings of psychologist and international peacemaker, Marshall Rosenberg, are for you! Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is used in a wide range of situations—from mediating conflicts between Israelis and Palestinians, to helping couples work through disagreements and increase intimacy, to personal growth/inner healing…

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