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Coming Out of our Comfortable Orb

Ever wonder why it’s so damn hard to do what’s good for us? I certainly have and still do. Everything from leaving a partner, a job, a friendship to changing unhealthy habits can be like leaving a cozy (if restrictive) cocoon. We feel attached to our way of doing things, even when we know there’s…

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Who is that Gremlin in my head?

Do you ever wonder if those critical thoughts about yourself, others, your environment, your job, your family are really true? Do you believe those thoughts? Or are you beginning to question just what they are about, perhaps even how those thoughts can be of service to you?

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Trauma Is Not A Life Sentence

Events that are traumatic can feel as though everything we experience is “too much, too fast.” So we run like the gazelle in fear but without the essential piece of instinctual energy that “knows” that if we trust and follow our bodies, let them shake and tremble, we have a fighting chance of being okay…

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