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How to Deal with Toxic People

Call me naive, but I tend to assume the best about people. I see the good in most, usually without a lot of effort. Although I come from the “people are inherently good” camp, I’ve had my share of experience with toxic people. What do I mean by that? A toxic person is someone who…

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Surviving the Season: Dealing with Grief During the Holidays

Sleigh bells ring, are you listening? Or are you cringing? The holidays are upon us and along with the shopping, singing carols, and drinking eggnog often come feelings of loneliness and grief. For many people the holiday season is fraught with anxiety, frustration and sadness. I see many in my practice who dread December as…

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Mothering Boys: Unlearning White Male Privilege

I didn’t really expect to be the mother of boys. I minored in Women’s Studies, and always imagined myself raising little feminist daughters. It didn’t work out that way. I have two wonderful little boys and trust that the universe brought these particular people into my life for a reason. But, I feel out of…

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How to Deal with Mom Guilt

“I let my one-year-old watch TV so I can shower.” “My kids subsist on macaroni and cheese and graham crackers.” “Our three year old still sleeps in bed with us.” “I used the cry-it-out method to get my daughter to sleep at night.” “I went back to work when my baby was just 6 weeks…

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