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Rounding Out the 360 Review: Why Knowing Your Strengths Matters

A common element of leadership coaching is a 360 review. This is an assessment of a client’s leadership skills and abilities by colleagues all around the client (supervisors, peers, and direct reports), hence “360.” I have conducted, interpreted, and reviewed hundreds of 360 reviews with leaders over the past decade, and a recurrent theme is…

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Coming Out of our Comfortable Orb

Ever wonder why it’s so damn hard to do what’s good for us? I certainly have and still do. Everything from leaving a partner, a job, a friendship to changing unhealthy habits can be like leaving a cozy (if restrictive) cocoon. We feel attached to our way of doing things, even when we know there’s…

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The Bubble Burst Already Happening in the Silicon Valley

Living in the Silicon Valley and being surrounded by the never-ending list of startups, stories of raising rents, successful IPOs, companies struggling to meet aggressive expectations, and employees being poached for crazy high salaries and luxurious benefits means that the question of when or if the bubble will burst is often coming up in conversation…

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