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Just get over it vs. I love you and I am with you

I have two young sons and sometimes one of them will throw a knock-down-drag-out-tantrum and I can feel the internal dialogue inherited from my family in my head screaming: “Shut up!  Get over it kid!”  Sometimes I am less than attuned, and while I don’t say “shut up,” my body posture or a flip comment probably…

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Communication with Touch in Relationship

Therese Bogan, MFT The lift of an eyebrow or wave of a hand can tell us all we need to know about our partner’s mood. When we see our old friend’s slumped shoulders and feel them land on the booth seat of the old diner, where we share lunch, we understand envy, pride, or disappointment…

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Introversion & Creativity

Just a day after watching a TED talk on the hidden powers of introversion, I found myself in a position for the first time in quite a while where I was called on to be creative in an interrelational context. A large portion of this TED talk was focused specifically on hilighting the differences between…

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