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What I Learned When My Wife Broke Both Her Wrists

It’s amazing how many things we do with our hands every day that we take for granted. It brings up that old adage that you don’t know what you’ve got until you lose it. Through the grace and fortune of some of the best medical care on the planet, my wife, Elizabeth, will eventually get…

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Couples Therapy: A Tale of Two Stories

Couples often come into therapy with quite different views of what the problems are. And this is part of the problem. Maybe even the whole problem. At the simplest level this can be a function of each person seeing the other as the cause of their relationship distress. “She has no empathy for me.” “He’s…

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PMS and Relationships

Last year I gave a talk on PMS and nobody came. I was surprised when I looked out at the empty room because so many of the women I see in therapy suffer from PMS. Whether they come in to deal with anxiety, anger, depression, grief, a break-up or any number of combinations, they also…

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