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Running with it: exercise and the inner critic

I was thinking about going for a quick jog the other night when my inner critic burst in. She wanted to remind me that I shouldn’t even bother if it’s going to be so short and probably slow (“is that even running?”). She said, “You’re always going to be fat and lazy. You’ll never look…

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The Importance of Pleasure

… the key to deeply experiencing pleasure is to be present with and consciously taking in what we are experiencing.  Look around you at any moment of the day and notice what you like, however small. – Kristin Young   Pleasure.  Our culture offers it at every turn with entertainment and access to experiences of all…

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Free to Just Be

Author: Tom Rhodes, MFT Website: www.selfinquirytherapy.com It’s been a little while since I’ve written a blog here. I’ve been experiencing a bit of what you could call writer’s block. I began to get curious about what was happening there, so I decided to sit down and inquire into that experience, not from the mind, but…

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Dialectical Cognitive Therapy

You may or may not have heard of dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT). In a nutshell, this is a psychotherapeutic modality focusing on behaviors that are not helpful in getting one’s needs met in relationships and life at large and are often destructive. My sense is that the focus in this form of therapy is not the…

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