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This piece is an exploration of the psychological concept of “parts.” According to the Internal Family Systems model, the mind is made up of myriad subpersonalities. In addition, Carl Jung’s idea of the Collective Unconscious suggests that beyond our individual unconscious, we possess ancestral memory and experience including archetypes such as “mother,” “teacher,” “hero,” and…

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Weightless Holidays: Fighting the War on Your Body

Winter is cold and rough. So, for centuries people have come up with ingenious ways to ride it out. We’ve built fires to gather around. We’ve learned how to preserve food that can’t grow in such a hostile environment. We’ve built narratives and rituals to comfort our souls and bring us together so we don’t…

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Look at Me! Look at Me! (Spotlights and Shadows)

Most of us are dying to be seen – to be noticed, loved, and understood – whether or not we’re totally conscious of this. I always made a performance of it. As a little girl I’d joyfully entertain family guests with a song, as a teenager I dreamed of winning an Oscar, and as an…

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