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Self-compassion just might save your life

I had an experience recently which re-affirmed for me that self-compassion is probably the most powerful tool I have. Some might wonder how that could be true. While more people are becoming aware of the importance of self-compassion in mental health and well-being, it still runs counter to the values of the prevailing mainstream culture…

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Do you remember?

Spring cleaning in the garage came to a premature halt the other day when I happened across a photo album from 1997. India. That’s me there, sitting for some morning journaling in cool mountain air. I can still remember that moment. I ended up traveling and living in India for the next several years, learning…

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The Meaning of Transpersonal Experience

Fellow weary travelers, what are we running from? Perhaps you already know what I’m talking about. At least in a vague sense, many of us, if we’re honest, have had some underlying sense of avoiding or defending against difficult emotions. Our minds are not all that comfortable with some parts of ourselves. And this tugs…

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Your Gift to the World: Living Your Life Purpose

What really lights you up? Life purpose is a different expression for everyone. It’s unique like a fingerprint.  Doing “your thing” is not a selfish act—It’s the gift of your unique Self to the collective. When you shine your light you make your highest contribution to the world.-Nicole MacDonalad, MA,RH (AHG)   When I imagine…

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Bipolar – A Transpersonal & Existential Perspective

Author: Tom Rhodes, MFT Website: www.selfinquirytherapy.com Let me start by making it very clear that I see bipolar disorder on a continuum, holding the polarities of expansion and contraction. This is a ride we all go on, as a natural pendulum swing of being here, on Earth, with a body and a mind. It’s very…

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