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Treyvon Martin or Miley Cyrus: The Psychology of Denial

The deadline for this article was fast approaching and I found myself bereft of ideas. Bewildered, I searched the TMZ headlines for some story – any story – that could be ripe for pop psychoanalytic scrutiny: What might Renee Zellweger’s astonishing new look say about the state of women in society today? What does Chris…

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Psychotherapy and the Fundamentals of Life

As a young person, I hated math. By the time I made it into 1st grade, I began to sense a connection between those drills, 100 problems in 90 seconds, and my own flimsy mortality. I decided early on that numbers were created for no other purpose than to torture the pure of heart and, thus,…

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Listening to Depression: The Choice of a New Generation

Meet Poppy. She’s spunky, hip and successful. She’s the V.P. of marketing at a happening firm and recently got married to a successful lawyer.  She and her beau are also in the process of baby-making talks. Life is, well… perfect. Only, it isn’t. In those rare moments of inactivity, Poppy increasingly finds herself feeling exhausted,…

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A Message to the Last Single Lady in San Francisco

Many of us have been witness to the confusing phenomenon, which I will call the Accidental-Man-of-My-Dreams Syndrome, or AMMDS for short. It goes like this: Your best friend (or colleague or younger sister, or other single lady), declares she isn’t all that interested in settling down. She is happy focusing on the job that she…

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