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A Couples Therapist watches TV — Parenthood 

Like many others, my wife and I are eagerly looking forward to tonight’s premiere of the new season of Parenthood, though with considerable wistfulness that it’s the final season. With our kids off to college, we forsook our basic cable last year for a streaming box. Not only are we saving nearly $100 a month,…

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New Survey: Female Friendships After Motherhood

We are crafting an article about Female Friendships after motherhood and would like your input if you are a mother. Please take this 13 question anonymous survey. You have until October 30th to complete your responses. (Please note: one question truncated answer selections erroneously. Please do your best to answer.) Many Thanks!

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The psychology of fertility

 When Jennifer Seibel Newsom’s documentary Miss Representation came out in 2011, I watched it four times, recruiting as many friends as I could. Why? Because it captured something—in a fact-based way—about the chauvinism that lingers in our society, despite the advances we have made. A synopsis of the film says this, “In a society where media is…

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Kids’ Feelings – A Parenting Manifesto

The reality is, if packs of kids are parenting themselves and the rest of us adults are not rolling up our sleeves, parent to parent, advocating for every kid who has gotten off track and helping them reset,  then all we have left at the end of the day are perpetrators and victims.  -Traci Ruble…

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Parenting Is Not the Hardest Job in the World

Parenting or Motherhood, to be exact, is not the hardest job in the world because IT IS NOT A JOB AT ALL.  I wonder sometimes if “JOB” helps parents feel valued by the workforce. Or maybe because relating with a child is hard to stomach so by calling it a job we get some reprieve…

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