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How a Therapist Handles Her Inner Critic

When I was a younger adult, I had a scathing inner critic. It caused me all kinds of problems, which I handled in various maladaptive (read self-destructive) ways. That harsh internal voice mostly riddled me with anxiety which was so uncomfortable I looked for different ways to avoid feeling it–like partying, often with people I…

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Back to School: Mom Friendships on the Schoolyard

There’s so much comfort and relief that comes with the crisp whispers of fall as we ease back into routine: knowing what’s on the family agenda everyday; and that old friend, solitude, who’s been on vacation these last three months. But getting back into the swing of school means getting back into the social scene…

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The Trouble With Gratitude-Hacks

In an age of life hacks and workarounds, therapists are increasingly asked for quick fixes to the issues that bring people into therapy. Who doesn’t want a quick fix for the crud that makes us feel bad? Of course folks want some psych-hacks that will make seemingly simple goals faster and easier – we have…

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Growing Up (Together)’s a Bitch

A couple sat in my office recently, struggling with an issue that was beginning to feel familiar. They were both missing the olden days where they felt more in love and excited about each other, before kids came along and changed everything. Having to learn how to relate to each other anew had been driving…

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Think about how you feel when you’ve had a bad day and you snap at your partner. What helps you get back on track? Being shunned, or loving understanding? Kids are the same, and need even much more loving connection than adults do because they have not yet developed the skills to stay self-regulated all the time.

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