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On Orlando, Queer Sanctuaries, and What You Can Do

It’s been 72 hours since I read the first post about Orlando. Like many others, I have been cycling through numbness, sadness, anger, and anxiety. As a gay man and a therapist, I am struggling with what to do with all of this for myself and how I can support my clients as they make…

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You Will Be OK.

“My grandma said, ‘Nothing real can be threatened.’” — Beyonce, Lemonade I can hold a lengthy process for my clients, but in my own life, I’m impatient. Always have been. As a Sagittarius-Dragon-INFJ-Enneagram 4, I’m a hardcore truth-seeker, wired for the long game. And I do love plumbing our individual and collective psychological depths—but at…

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The Mourning After, Part I: Grief after Mother’s Day

If you’ve read any of my previous writing, you will know I have a great reverence for the unconscious. It shows up again today, having accidentally chosen May 9, 2016, as my publication date – the day after Mother’s Day. This may seem on the surface to have all the depth of a Hallmark card,…

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Everyone Has A Donald Trump Living Inside of Them

Have you seen the latest fast reel of Trump stereotypes and the things he says about women and rally protesters? Ooph. It kills me. Republican or Democrat, Left or Right, it is pretty alarming for women or anyone who believes in nonviolence to watch that real. This election season, more than any other, I have…

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Depression and Faith

I surely would have been dead from depression years ago if I hadn’t had, and eventually cultivated, a basic faith in life. Which is a bit odd, since I grew up without any religious training or interest, to the degree that my mother called us “happy heathens.” Even my decades of Buddhist training and study…

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When Feelings Take Us Over

First off, I think Tom wrote about such an important topic in his last article on introversion.  Check it out if you haven’t yet. Our culture seems to split off good and bad and right now extroversion is celebrated and we fail to deeply value the power of introversion.  There is power in introversion…who knew!…

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